Frequently Asked Questions

You've never heard of a cake pop?
Let me tell you, they're just what you've been waiting for.

Imagine crumbled bits of moist cake perfectly blended with just the right amount of rich icing, rolled into a ball, add a stick and then dip it into deliciously sweet candy coating...add some decorative touches and you have a sweet sensation called a cake pop. Blissful Bites Cake Pops are an exciting twist on a traditional dessert. Each bite offers that thrilling combination we all love - cake and icing!

Why choose cake pops?

Well, just in case unique, delicious, mouthwatering greatness on a stick isn't enough of a reason...

Cake pops are the perfect size when you want something sweet and satisfying. One might even say they are portion controlled...never worry about who's getting the bigger piece of cake again! Speaking of cake, how many times have you had to throw away half a cake because it dried out after cutting it? Cake pops stay moist - they are sealed in delicious candy coating! Did I mention they are also convenient? No need to cut anything. No forks, no plates and no mess!

Blissful Bites are the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether it's dessert with the family or a special celebration, we've got you covered.

How many cake pops should I buy?

The important thing to remember when choosing cake pops for an event is that after two or three bites, the cake pop disappears (unless your my husband - for him it's "one bite" sized). To make sure that no one is left wanting, get an accurate guest count and provide one to two cake pops per person. If cake pops are your only dessert, have two to three cake pops per person. Not sure how many guests will be attending your event,'s better to have more!

Do you Deliver?

Blissful Bites Cake Pops are available for delivery within Cabarrus County for a $15.00 fee. Pick up is, of course, free of charge. Dates and times for delivery or pick up are to be agreed upon at time of ordering.

Cake Pop Care

Your Blissful Bites Cake Pops are home made with no added preservatives.

Your cake pops will remain fresh, at room temperature, for up to five (5) days.

DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or excessive heat as it will compromise the quality of your dessert items. You may place your wrapped cake pops in the refrigerator or freezer, if desired. Be sure to thaw frozen cake pops completely in the refrigerator prior to consuming. Blissful Bites are irresistible and customers say they're impossible to keep around for very why worry about storage options!